You Can Help Ocean Pollution!


You can make a difference!

Every year 8 million tons of trash is dumped into the ocean, that’s 1.5 million pounds per hour. One hundred thousand sea creatures are killed by ocean pollution each year!

Here are some ways you can help, yes YOU can make a difference and stand up for ocean life. Here is how:

  • Join Ocean: The largest international organization focused 100 % on ocean conservation.

  • Vote responsibly: Electing the right public official is essential to helping the ocean.

  • Use reusable plastic products: Plastic in the ocean (or anywhere) is harmful to animals, so try buying reusable shopping bags, cup, and straws.

  • Pick up garbage and litter near beaches(or anywhere): Much of the plastic debris found in oceans has its beginning on the beach.

  • Cut up plastics: It is still bad for plastic to be in the ocean, but cutting it up makes it harder to get stuck in or choked on. And if it does not end up in the ocean it helps it dissolve into earth faster if it ends up in a junkyard.

  • Buy ocean-friendly products: Avoid products with Shark squalene, and jewelry made out of turtle shells and coral.

Thank you for reading, and remember you can make a difference!