Writer of the Month for June


It’s THAT time of the month! We have chosen our Writer of the Month for June! Any guesses? It is @aadyafun2017 who has sent in a total of articles in June!

We have had numerous new users last month and it’s great to see so many submissions coming in. For those who are unaware of the Writer of the Month recognition, allow me to tell you that it is for the girls who submit a minimum of five posts per month! You can read Aadya’s posts here.

Lets know a bit about her.

Her hobbies include reading novels, writing short stories and playing basketball. She is good at cycling, throw ball and yes, she is a studious person! Her favorite music includes Hall of fame and Crack in the Castle of glass.

Also, she explains the reason behind her interesting posts and why exactly she loves writing. She says:

Actually, it was never one of my hobbies, I just eventually developed the habit of writing when I was bored or dull. But, my family encouraged me to work on my talent, so I also wrote a long story named – “Gemstones”..
This is what made me participate in the competition aswell.

Congratulations Aadya!

You have been awarded with a Writers badge along with 1000 bonus points! You can also use these points to enter contests and sweepstakes to win free stuff through the auctions. Good luck and keep writing!

And for the other girls, we will be choosing a Writer of the Month for the coming months, so go ahead and submit as many articles/polls as you wish to!

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