Meet the Writer of the Month for December!

Writer of the Mo DEC

We have seen many new girls on this website recently. So once again, let me tell everyone what the Writer of the Month recognition is about! In order to qualify for this contest, you need to send in a minimum of 5 articles in a month. You can submit them by clicking on the button below!

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The winner gets a Writers badge along with 1000 bonus points! These points are important if you want to win free stuff through the auctions!

For December, we have @nawoo3 as our winner who sent in a number of 12 articles! You can read them all here

Congratulations Manvee!

She also writes:

My name is Manvee. I have many friends and I love Miss O and Friends. I like to read books and my fave singer is Selena Gomez! I love her and I wish to meet her some time.

Also, a reminder for you all that we are not so far from choosing our next winner, so go ahead and send in more articles.

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