winter-bucket-listWinter Bucket List

Now that the Holidays are here and there’s a lot fun in the air. It’s time for a winter bucketlist. You can even create your own and write down things you wanna do over winter break. Lets get started

-Have a snowball fight
-make a snowman
-wear fuzzy sweaters
-drink hot chocolate
-have a cozy day
-ice skate on a lake
-take a Christmas light tour
-Decorate room
-Listen to holiday music
-Make a gingerbread house
-Go sledding
-Bake cookies
-Spend time with friends
-Snuggle with warm blankets
-Give a secret gift
-Enjoy winter


Okay so these are just some things I wanna do over winter break, you can add these to your list too.
Have a fantastic winter!!! <3