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What almost every one says is that turtles are the most disgusting animals on earth and that they are so slow that every 2 years you’ll find yours has moved 1 cm to the front!!

Well that’s not funny at all because for me turtles are my life and the reason I sleep every night and wake up with power and happiness every morning!


Well it’s because of my 2 puffed turtles that keep me safe in the dark and joyful during the day. Add to that I once had ten turtles at the same time and it was so greatly going! Until one day I returned back from school and found out one of my turtles was *killed* by a bird or something in a very bad way. I kept on crying the whole day after seeing that! The next day I decided I must release it’s friends before they get killed too!!

It was 4 years then that I didn’t get any turtle for the fear that I wasn’t the right person to own such an animal! But still I do read plenty of books and essays about them and still fight harshly for their rights that few respect!

If you reached here I want to thank you for being the one who heard my pain and read all the above!

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  1. furry_cat123 07/11/2018 at 2:03 pm

    Oh I know turtles are so cute my Mamma used to have 2 tortoises, Rocco and Bullwinkle. Bullwinkle died because he wasn’t eating enough but Rocco is still alive. Then we found out Rocco was a girl so we named her Rochelle ( sounds like rock-el ) Mamma got her a new cage, but the box said rabbit hutch, but I guess it’s ok to put a tortoise in a rabbit cage and it’s not a small classroom cage I think it’s going in her backyard.

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