People like Miss O and Friends because of the safety and because the parents trust it.

safe sites for girlsI can back up this information with the reviews
on 3/4s of the websites that give reviews for Miss O. One parent said
“I give this website 4/5 of the stars because it is safe and trusting, my daughter
loves it too. I know what she is doing and I can trust it.”

When I was searching 93% of the reviews ( from the parents ) were in favor of Miss O
and saying that they love it. That was just for the parents! For the kids 97%
said that they LOVED the site and they gave 4/5 of the stars of 5/5 of stars!
I know that I am a review saying that I love the site and giving 5/5!

Here is one from a kid :I go on EVERYDAY to earn points! Miss O ROCKS!
I wanted to write this article because I think that it is important to tell
and show how much people love this site! It is SO COOL!:) I dearly LOVE
this site! I hope you enjoyed this and please try to get other people to
join! Thanks!

Have a nice day! 🙂 And please check out my page! 🙂
Thanks for reading!