Visualization 🌟 


Hey guys 👐 Cherryrumi here.

Today I’m going to be talking about visualization. This method really works.
I am in my school choir and our choir master taught us a trick that can help us do our best in anything not only singing. Visualization is basically imagining or visualizing you doing the best you can.
First you close your eyes and calm yourself down, now for example you have a big basketball match coming up, so in your mind you visualize yourself first getting up on the right side and having a great breakfast then you see yourself getting ready for the match (or whatever it is your visualizing for) then you going to the venue where the event is being held and then you playing the game the best you can , putting all the shots you make or doing the coolest moves ever and of course your team winning the game. Doing this before you go to sleep is a good idea aswell. Do it atleast 2 times a day. This works for anything, an exam , a ballet recital, an art competition simply anything.
Always remember perfection is impossible but strive to do your best 💪❤
Love you all🌟