Visit Morocco

There are hundreds of places you can visit that are filled with wonderful things to do, however Morocco has a little something for everyone.

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For those who travel for the thrill of adventure, Morocco is home to Rif Mountains, High Atlas Mountains and Medium Atlas Mountains. The Rif Mountains are for the more enthusiastic hikers as it is filled with caves and forests, while the Atlas Mountains are for the more peaceful nature lovers. For sitting on the beach and lapsing in the sun, Morocco is home to some of the most beautiful beaches, including those along Agadir or Casablanca.


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For the history buffs, The Imperial Cities are the place to be. Filled with Palaces, Mosques, Churches and museums that show us a glimpse of Morocco’s history. The Riads, traditional houses with gardens on the inside are a must see. Many of these beautiful homes have been turned into hotels and are a must see for their architecture and beauty.


Finally depending on when and where you visit, you can expect to find music, dance and traditional storytelling. Planning your vacation during one of Morocco’s festivals will give you a first hand view of it’s rich culture and heritage.


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