Throw a Valentine’s Day Party!

You don’t need a BF to have a sweet and fun Valentine’s Day! Gather your girls and celebrate with a hearts-and-roses inspired party.

Food: Sweet and sugary is the way to go for Valentine’s Day delights! Have bowls of heart-shaped chocolates and conversation hearts around the house for guests to snack on, and keep cans of ‘Crush’ soda on hand for drinks. A heart-shaped pizza is the perfect main course: order one in or have fun making one with your friends! End with the ultimate Valentine’s Day dessert: red velvet cupcakes.

Music: Set the mood with romantic yet fun songs. Taylor Swift, One Direction, Ariana Grande, and Ed Sheeran are good artists to start with. Ask your friends for suggestions!

Decorations: Red and pink are the colors of the day! They make great accents on tablecloths, cups, napkins, plates, and more. No Valentine’s Day party is complete without plenty of hearts, cupids, and lovebugs around! If possible, create a centerpiece with fresh flowers.

Gifts: Organize a secret valentine gift exchange with your friends! Before the party, assign each person a girl to buy for. The gifts should be inexpensive so everyone can participate-no more than $10. Unwrap the gifts at party, and compete to see who has the cutest, cheesiest, or craziest present!

Activities: Go all out for Valentine’s Day with girly, romantic activities! Give glittery pink and red manicures, bake and decorate sweet treats, and watch your fave rom-coms and romance movies. Nicholas Sparks anyone?

Happy Valentine’s Day from everyone at Miss O and Friends!