Unexpected Love – Part 1

17-year-old Kyla walked along the sand gathering sea shells for decor in her room. The beach she was at, was an unknown beach.
She saw a really pretty shell that was just what she was looking for. Kyla dropped all the sea shells into the ocean and waddled into the water, the sea shell was far out. When Kyla grabbed it she started to sink in. “Huh?!!” She thought. Kyla then realized that her foot was caught in a fishing line, she tried to pull it out but then she noticed that the fishing line was caught underneath a rock.. “HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!” She screamed. Then Kyla realized that there were only ten people on the beach. Kyla quickly accepted the fact that she was going to die and gave up.
Then something was pulling her out of the water……..

{To Be Continued}