BFFL’s Organisation for Bible Donation

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BFFs Jillian and Reese started an organization called Bibles 2 Kids in 2015.

Since then, they have donated almost 50 bibles to kids who need them!

Their website is Here is our interview:

Q. How did Bibles 2 Kids get started?
In 2015, we bought a bible for our friend, who had just become a Christian, We realized the impact we had made on her, and we decided we wanted to do more. So, we set up Bibles 2 Kids.

Q. What do you love most about giving bibles to people?
Knowing that we have given kids the opportunity that they might not have otherwise had to learn about God and draw closer to Him.

Q. How do you get enough money to buy the bibles?
We save up our allowances and hold yard sales and other fundraisers. We also get donations from family and friends, and our churches help us a lot, too.

Q. When do you hand them out?
We hand out Bibles to homeless shelters and we have a booth during our church’s yearly celebration. We are still looking for places that need kids’ bibles, though!

Q. What is your Bibles 2 Kids goal?
To know that we’ve made a difference in the lives of many kids and their families.

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