Tired of Having Severe Cramp Pain?


Looking at the Girl2Girl Wall, a lot of girls are starting their periods and it can be pretty challenging. Even if this isn’t your first time getting your period or severe cramps, hopefully these tips help you become more functional during your time of the month.

Why am I getting severe cramps?

So there’s a difference between regular cramps and severe cramps. Regular cramps are minor pain and can go away by having pain killers. Severe cramps are extremely painful, you can barely move, you may have to cancel any plans for the day like school or work and you need a heat pack to put over your stomach. Severe cramps usually form from anemia (low on iron) or hunger.

Simple Remedies

  • Heat Pack – My go to remedy is the heat pack. Heat helps loosen the tightened muscles that are causing the pain. An easy way to make a heat pack is to get a sock, fill it with raw rice (preferably Jasmine rice) and microwave it for 45-60 seconds. Once it is done you can place it on your lower abdomen and lay down. Another way is soaking a rag/wash cloth in water, ringing it out and microwaving it for 30-45 seconds, then placing it on your lower abdomen.

  • Hot Bath – This is my favorite remedy. First wash yourself so you’re not soaking in your period filth. Then fill the bath with warm to hot water and just relax. It works just like the heat pack but it’s more relaxing. Maybe get a kickstand for your phone or tablet and place your device on the toilet cover and watch a movie while you take your bath.

  • Make Some Tea (Preferably Ginger or Chamomile) – Of course, tea is also a great way to loosen those tightened muscles because you’re supposed to drink tea while its still hot and heat loosens the muscles. Ginger or chamomile is told to help ease the pain of cramps along with lemon or honey.

  • Eat! – Having cramps on an empty stomach is the worst. If yo0u’re anemic, dark chocolate, spinach, black beans and pistachios are all foods with high iron and should help lower the chance of severe cramps. Also, be sure to eat heavy meals the night before your period starts. I find it very hard to eat while my insides are eating me alive! Sometimes the pain is too much and I begin to throw up. Which is why you should eat before in case this happens and you end up throwing up nothing.

Last Little Tip

If you have no clue when your period is supposed to come, try downloading a period app. Notify the app when you have your period and when your period ends. Do this every time you have your period so the app can better predict when your next one will be. The app I have is “Period Tracker Period Calendar”. I’ve been using it for as long as I can remember and it hasn’t let me down. It’s quite accurate about when my next period will show.

Hopefully your severe cramps will be no more or at least bearable. So far these remedies have been working for me and I haven’t had severe cramps (though they are now only minor) in 3 months! Please let me know in the comments which remedies worked best for you!