Time Management Tips

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Hey guys, it’s Akunna a MissO and Friends Intern and today I want to talk about Time Management.

In today’s world, girls are ruling the world in their everyday life like our moms or even our grandma’s, but as a young adult with all the after-school activities and balancing school can be really hard, so I’m going to help.

So my schedule in a week is this, On Tuesday, I have cheer from 4:30 – 6:00 and SGA on that same day from 4:30 – 6:00 then On Thursday, I have Cheer from 4:30 – 6:00 then 45 minutes later I go to Honors Chorus in a different location to practice from 6:45 – 9:00 pm.

So yeah I have a jam-packed schedule and I still have a ton of homework from my honors classes and still have fun!

So here is what I have to help you:

  • Use a planner
    I have always used a planner but use it more, write every homework you have specifically, any reminders for your parents. Make sure you will understand everything you wrote in your planner.

  • Be Organized.
    If you’re not Organized, you will be stressed out more and you will start to lack cause you don’t know where anything is.

  • Have a time schedule.
    What I mean is, What time of the day to do your homework? You can do it like that spare 45 mins you might have before practice on a Thursday, or pre-plan a time and menu for packing your lunch instead of thinking every morning what to pack. I personally have my own timetable on my wall but you can have it on your phone like a collage or in a binder or notebook.

  • Pace yourself.
    Don’t just rush to do your homework, take your time to do your homework, ask for help and make sure you understand it and got your answer correct. DO NOT CHEAT CAUSE IT WILL NOT HELP YOU IN THE LONG RUN.

  • Use the block schedule concept.
    So maybe let’s say that every Wednesday you have soccer and Model UN they are both important to you but you don’t want to miss anything like for me I have Cheer and SGA every Tuesday at the same time so what do I do. Well, I asked my cheer coaches that for the first 30 minutes of Cheer I will be at SGA and I told my SGA teacher and she was fine with it so every Tuesday that’s what I do.

  • Sleep!
    I can’t stress that enough you have to sleep to have energy and yes there is Instagram and Snapchat streaks but girl you need your beauty sleep if it’s listening to rain sounds aka white sounds or ASMR to fall asleep use it cause I do and I have no shame about that.

  • Lastly, Have fun.
    Call your friends on facetime or go out with your friends. Have fun don’t forget that cause you will hate what you do without having fun.

So I hope I helped you with your schedule, please comment on this blog for any more advice, I will love to help. Well, see ya, Akunna. xoxo.