A few Saturdays ago, I received a package containing tickets to see Demi Lovato, Nick Jonas, and Mike Posner!

(The package containing the Star Darlings twelve-book set, was sent separately.) The package also came with a bunch of other stuff I didn’t expect…

demi lovato, caraboo11

It came with:
Four concert tickets
An itinerary for the trip
A congratulations note
FOUR iPhone cases!
A set of stickers
A gift card to pay for a fancy dinner and the rental car
And it all came in a travel-themed, Miss O & Friends pocket portfolio!

The tickets are for Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas’s Future Now tour which is stopping in Anaheim, California! The trip was all expenses paid which includes our plane tickets to fly to Cali! My whole family is so excited for the awesome vacation we are going to have!

I’d like to give a HUUGGGEEE thank you to Juliette and Hermine Brindak, and everyone on the Miss O team who put this together for us, we are so thankful!