“What’s Up Buttercups”

Kadence Ann started her youtube channel in 2015 where she posts vlogs all about fun, science, and lifestyle, but more importantly, “Being Confident, Being Smart, and Being Yourself”.

She posts everything from back-to-school hauls and videos letting her pet gerbil, Syrup, make her decisions for a day. We were lucky enough to chat with Kadence about Harry Potter, collabing and the story behind “What’s Up Buttercups”.

Check it out below!


1. What is something I would never guess about you?

That I am a bit introverted, I enjoy having “me” time and taking a break from everything going on.

2. What is something that most people think is cool, but you think is ridiculous?

 A lot of people I know think Star Wars is cool, but for me, I see it as ridiculous, but I know, just like I love Harry Potter, Star Wars fans love Star Wars, so we all find coolness in things we like, and that is okay.


3. If you joined the circus, what circus act would you be?

 I would most certainly be the silks act. Those ladies that dangle from silk fabrics and do a bunch of tricks. I take aerial classes and have silks in my home to practice.

4. What is the best book or series you’ve ever read?

Hands down Harry Potter! I am a Ravenclaw Potter head.


5. What is something everyone would consider is “so Kadence”?

 I would have to say acting and singing. I am currently in two different plays; Alice and Wonderland and Into the Woods Jr.

6. We heard you recently became a Justice Girls with Heart Ambassador! What’s it like and how does it feel working with Justice?!

 I am so thrilled to be an ambassador for Justice. I have met some new friends that are also ambassadors and next month is Justice’s first ever Live Summit. They have asked all the ambassadors to attend, and I am so excited to visit Justice headquarters. It is super fun receiving our monthly surprise boxes from Justice. It is also so much being involved in their stories on their Instagram page.

 They believe in celebrating girls, and that is a message I am all about.  Empowering girls to be courageous, fearless, and have self-confidence is so impart in today’s world. Girls have so many pressures, and when they are brands that want to help girls achieve their dreams, it is so helpful in showing that there is nothing that can hold us girls back. Miss O shares the same kind of ideas and that I why I am so glad I am doing this interview with you all. 


  1. How do you decide what type of YouTube video you’re going to create?

 I have two different types of video styles, lifestyle and A Science Girl in A Fashion World. Lifestyle videos are fun because it lets me be a kid and do videos that are silly and trendy. Challenges and collaborations with other channels are a lot of fun. 

  For my science and fashion videos, I took my two most favorite passions and smashed them together. I talk about the outfit that I am wearing and how it makes me feel. My goal is to share that you can wear anything you want as long as you love it and not worry about kids that may not like it. The science part, well I love school and science is my all-time favorite subject. In my cute or comfy outfit, I do a science experiment that everyone can do at home.  It’s a fun twist.

8. How has your channel changed from the first video you made from the last?

  LOL! Wow! They have changed a lot in some ways and not so much in others. It’s still me being me. Being silly and doing videos I like to do, and my hope is other kids will like them too. They have changed in that I now have lights, a better camera, my family is involved in the process. I pick ideas and write a script out. I used to never to that. My quality has changed for the better. I edit in a way now that is a little sillier and shows people it is okay to laugh at yourself. I have learned a lot, and I hope people can see that in my videos.

9. Who have been your favorite people to collaborate with and who would you like to collaborate with in the future?

  Doing collaborations are a ton of fun! I have had fun with all the people I have done collabs with, everyone one of them has been different. One that sticks out is the one I did with Nina Elizabeth. We did a truth, dares, and questions video that was a lot of fun to do. One dare was to do the chicken dance in public.


 One person I would certainly like to do a coloration is Georgia from Georgia Productions. She does a lot of fun videos.

10. What made you decide to start all your videos with “What’s Up Buttercups?”

 I’ve always thought catchphrases are fun and silly. What’s up buttercup is a fun way to say.

11. How would you like to see your channel grow in the future? What are your goals as a creator?

  I would like to see my channel grow and build a community of kids that grow with me. A channel where others my age can see that confidence is in all of us. As a creator, I want to make videos that kids my age can laugh and have a good time watching.


12. What do you love most about the Girl2Girl Wall?

  I truly love how encouraging everyone is. It’s such a great community of girls! It’s so nice to have a safe place to go to talk to other girls that may be going through or have already gone through the same things.

13. Where can we follow you?

Instagram: @kadenceannn

Youtube: @KadenceAnn