“I didn’t give up, I chased my dreams and so many came true in 2018!”

 Willa may be known for having bright red, Rapunzel length hair, but she’s also a youtuber, an actress and a model (and she’s only 9!) She runs a channel called “Little Red World” where she reviews toys like Shopkins, Slime and Charlie Bears and shares her adventures in cities like Los Angeles and London. We had to chance to sit down with Willa and talk about running her channel and her 2019 projects!

1. What is the first thing people notice about you?

People usually notice my hair because it’s red super long.  I get lots of lovely comments about my hair.


2. Do you have any nicknames?

My mum used to call me Little Red because of my red hair and that became the name of my Youtube and Instagram channel!

3. Who is your favorite Disney Princess? (and why?)

My favourite Disney Princess is Rapunzel because she has hair like me! 


4. Favorite dessert?

My favourite dessert has to be donuts, Krispy Kreme are the best!

5. Who inspires you and why?

UK TV presenter David Attenborough really inspires me because he has dedicated his life to educating people about animals and the planet earth. He also raises awareness for really important causes like how plastic damages our environment. I love watching his nature programs on TV like Planet Earth and the Blue Planet. I’m also inspired by my favourite author David Walliam’s. I LOVE to read and write stories and I hope I can write books like him one day, they are really creative and funny. I just read The Ice Monster and The Demon Dentist.

6. What is the inspiration for the name of your channel?

My channel was named after my nickname Little Red. That’s what my mum has always called me!


7. What made you decide to start a Youtube channel? And why one about reviewing toys?

I experienced bullying at school and it made me really unhappy. Over the summer holidays I decided to start a fun, kid friendly Youtube channel that would review toys and places I have been too. I used to watch people unbox toys and wanted to see if I could do it to. For my first ever video I asked my mummy to film me opening Shopkins! But I didn’t want my channel to be just about toys. My goal of being a positive role model to other kids so I could use my voice for causes that were important to me, like anti bullying, animal rescue, protecting the environment and children’s charities. I’m proud I fought back and didn’t let the bullies beat me, I am now at a great school that I love. I didn’t give up, I chased my dreams and so many came true in 2018! 


8. What video are you most proud of and why?

The video I am most proud of is my LA Adventure video of my trip to LA when I won the Claire’s Dream Big competition. It reminds me of all the amazing experiences I had there, like going on an airplane for the first time, going to Warner Brothers Studio’s and going on the set of the Ellen Show, shooting the Claire’s Back To School photo shoot, going on my first ever roller-coaster, getting my ears pierced and receiving my award at the Beverly Hills Hotel but most of all the amazing friends I made.


9. We heard you were in “Mini Mode Kids Fashion Weed”! What was it like walking down the runway?

I loved being part of Mini mode London Kids Fashion Week. Walking the runway was so much fun! It was really exciting modelling the clothes and getting my hair and makeup done! 

10. You’re hair is amazing! How do you keep your Rapunzel Style locks so beautiful?

People think my hair must be really hard work because it’s so long but it really isn’t! My top tips are eat healthy to get lots of vitamins and minerals that your hair needs to grown strong, use a great conditioner and always wear a bow!


11. Do you have any future projects we can get a sneak peak of?

I am so excited to be going to the 2019 London Toy Fair this month and I am super excited to be returning to catwalk for Mini Mode London Kids Fashion Week 2019! I cannot wait to share my adventures with everyone!

Follow my Little Red adventures on Instagram @littleredworldofficial and Youtube at Little Red World!