Things To Do This Summer 

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  • Shop at a thrift store: Thrift stores have some very interesting things, you never know what you might find there, its a fun experience especially if you have never been to one.

  • Buy a journal & write in it everyday: It will give you something to do and when summer is over you’ll be able to look back on your experiences.

  • Go to the beach: When it’s hot, the best idea is to go for a swim, maybe go to the beach with friends, you can find seashells, play in the sand, maybe go for a tan in the sun.

  • Have a water balloon fight: Invite your friends and maybe some family to a park or your house and have a water balloon fight! A great thing to do on a hot summer day.

  • Exercise: Maybe go for a walk or run. Maybe ride your bike to the park get out in the sun.

  • Make s’mores: Fun thing to do with the family or friends whether you are making them over a fire or in the microwave.

  • Star gaze: Set a blanket down and look at the stars. It’s relaxing and maybe you try to paint the stars and sky.

  • Go camping in the back yard: Set a tent up in your backyard and make a campfire.

  • Have a sleepover: Take lots of pictures, pillow fight, watch movies, eat snacks & most importantly have fun.

  • Have a picnic: Gather friends, food and snacks to have a picnic with your favorite things to eat.