Hi, I’m Juliette and I’m one of the co-founders of Miss O & Friends and I’m going to tell you a little bit about how we got started.

Miss O & Friends was first inspired by drawings that I did when I was ten years old. We were coming back from a family vacation and I was really bored so I started doodling these girls that I called “cool girls.” I gave the drawings to mom and for some reason, she held on to these drawings even throughout the chaos of traveling.

coolgirl_brooke coolgirl_christine coolgirl_kristie coolgirl_molly

coolgirl_rose  coolgirlw_greenskirtcoolgirl_sarahcoolgirl_natalie


“Cool Girls” by Juliette, 1999

When my sister Olivia, the REAL Miss O, was little, she used to draw herself all the time. Every time she drew herself she always made it so she had big pigtails on top of her head. She never wore her hair this, but for whatever reason it was always apart of her self portrait.

missO_original missO_3girls2



My mom, co-founder Hemine, who has a background in a design, took the drawings that Olivia and I had done and combined them to make a “Juliette” and “Olivia” character, just for us to play around with and have fun.

For a few years, my mom, sister and I just played around with these characters and had fun making them do things we liked to do.

Like going skiing…


or playing soccer.

It was just a hobby and we didn’t show them to anyone else.

…until Olivia’s 8th birthday party. For Olivia’s birthday my mom made “Miss O-like” characters for all my sisters friends. When they came into the house, they saw these girls that looked like blown up big & mounted on thick foam core. And they went CRAZY for them! Olivia’s friends absolutely loved these characters and kept saying how cool they were and how they wished they had something with these girls on it.

As the older sister chaperone at this party, who was thick in the middle of Middle School, I started seeing certain things happen with Olivia’s friends that my friends and I were going through at the time. I saw some of Olivia’s friends start to click-off and leave other girls out. I heard girls talking about their crushes and how they didn’t know how to tell if he liked her or not. I heard them talking about their bodies and how some girls thought they were chubby and how some girls were starting to develop (yes, at 8).

Middle school was tough times. I call it tough times because middle school sucks. Girls go through a lot during in these years. That awkward phase kicks in. Boys come into the picture. Cliques begin to form. School becomes more serious. Bullying increases. Girls start to struggle with self esteem & the pressure to fit in. It doesn’t matter if a girl is the most popular girl in school or the best athlete or a band geek or a straight-A student or a punk. No matter who she is doesn’t make her any more or less vulnerable to feeling insecure.

And because of this, I wanted to create something for my sister and her friends to help them through these middle school years. After discussing the idea with my parents, we decided to create a website where girls could talk to other girls safely about issues that were happening to them and get some good advice. But also a place where they could have fun too!

That’s why we created the site Missoandfriends.com.

We have now updated our site and made it more interactive for the girl users. Hope you like it!

There’s still a lot we have to do but every week you will see new stuff being added. So keep coming back and checking!