The Guilt


So I recently started talking to this friend of mine. He was a normal friend but we had been talking for a week nonstop and he started liking me. He did not tell me directly but he gave me indirect hints which I was not liking as I told him I already like someone else.

So he was not ending the conversation and in the end I misbehaved with him just saying BYE randomly out of the blue and telling him that I am busy with some work. And he kinda felt bad and said Umm okay bye and stopped messaging me.

I felt bad so I asked him whats wrong and he said nothing is and since I was acting cool, I did not bother forcing him to tell me.

And after that he has not messaged me. Not that I am missing him, but I feel bad because I think I hurt him and he is a very nice guy that I do not want to lose. 

So tell me what to do now?