The coolest thing about music is variety.  You can enjoy different performers, genres, and styles of music.  But, in this age of technology, finding the best app for your taste can be challenging.  

If you are looking for at the special guest app to find the perfect band for a party or a music app for your phone, there are choices galore.

Like most though, you want to find the ideal app to use while you are in the car, cleaning the house, or out on a jog.  

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular apps for music.


Spotify is a music streaming app that allows you to listen up to 3,333 songs for free on iOS and Android devices.

You can listen for free, but there are some restrictions. With the free version, you are unable to download a song and play it on or offline.  

However, with Spotify Premium you can download and listen to any song on or offline.

Spotify is chockful of different genres of music you can listen.  Like country? They got you covered. More of a pop fan? No worries—the library is packed.

Spotify’s boasts 4.5 stars in the apps store, and it has over 87 million paying subscribers.  The numbers speak for themselves.

Amazon Music

Do you have Amazon Prime? Then, Amazon music might be for you.

Amazon music allows anyone with Amazon Prime to listen up to 40 million songs for free on iOS and Android devices.

Amazon also has an Amazon Music Unlimited option, which means at a small cost you can download and listen to any song offline, on up to 4 devices.

Amazon music’s rating is a healthy 4.7 stars. Many people with Amazon Prime find this app appealing because with your Prime account you can just add and listen to music anywhere.


Pandora is another top running music app that allows you to listen to music anywhere at any time on both iOS and Android devices.

Pandora holds a 4.8-star rating along with 81 million active users.  

With Pandora, you can create and listen to any radio station you would like on or offline. Pandora added a premium option almost 2 years ago and has been a hit ever since.  

Pandora’s state of the art technology allows users to stream many different stations with many different genres.

If you like to stream radio stations and playlists more than individual songs Pandora is for you.

iHeart Radio

Do you want to listen to the radio, but can’t when you get out of the car? Then you need iHeart Radio. It has a rating of 4.4 stars and allows you to continue your car jams anywhere you go.  It has 855 stations to choose from.

iHeart Radio has over 100 million users and can be used by iOS and Android users.


With so many apps to choose from, you will never have to let the party die out, or car jams end. When you find the app that fits you best your music library will become infinite.