Summer Crush Hotline


We had just gotten out of 8th grade, the sidewalks were hot and made our soles heated. The kids were running and throwing papers in the air. People cried, laughed, smiled, and hugged. I was laughing and grinning with my best friend Carrie Winston, but why was I laughing and grinning? Not only had I just graduated 8th grade but Carrie and I were going to make the best phone call ever. We were going to call the Summer Crush Hotline! What is that you ask? Only the best thing ever invented! You would dial the hotlines number and a person would pick up the phone, then they would ask what your type was. Carrie and I called them squealing with excitement….only for an old lady to pick up the phone. Our excitement level dropped, we didn’t say anything as she was on the phone saying “Hello? Hello?” We were frozen, because we had just realized we had called a retirement home.