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All written by girls, for girls!

Little Brother

Thinks he's strong as the Earth's gravity, Always testing my sanity.

My Tacos

Guacamole on this food.. It puts me in the mood!

Let Go

My short blue hair flying around, My spirit was lost but that's what I've found...

The Echo

After the last goodbye waves, The echo of my lone voice,

The Friendly Ghost

On a cold winter night, the moon shone brightly upon the stars. The ghost of a man who passed away many years ago roamed around a hotel.

Unexpected Love

17-year-old Kyla walked along the sand gathering sea shells for decor in her room..

Apartment (Act 1, Part 1)

Despite the fact that Sheila had cut through busy streets and hidden inside small shops along the way home, he managed to find her. She was scared...

A true story: Tantrum

When I was about 6, my mom brought me to go shopping with her. I sat in the cart because (unlike some kids) I was lazy...


So, me and my family were at the lobby of Kalahari Resorts. We were just hanging out, when The BOMB THREAT ALARM went off!!!

In Time

Read this poem about time. In time I wish to see a world Where I can see the stars;

Food Fantasy

Candy canes for trees, minty scents for breeze and chocolate milk for rivers! Yum!!

Summer Crush Hotline

We had just gotten out of 8th grade, the sidewalks were hot and made our soles heated. The kids were running and throwing papers in the air. People cried, laughed, smiled, and hugged.

Elevator Drama

The cramped hallway of my small school was flowing with kids after lunchtime. "What did they eat?"


It started as a small flame among a great forest But the flames became to spread


***SCARE ALERT 10! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. Can be more on the scary side so if you have a weak stomach, DON'T READ!***


I hope you guys like this poem! I entered it on a contest at my school.

Story of The Man!

One morning Emma was texting her friend Mia. It was dark and raining out side. The thunder bolted like a TNT. It was storming really bad.

The Forgotten Sister

One morning my mom came back with a mirror. She said it was old and asked not to touch it. She left it in the living room.However I touched it. It was so wrong of me to do that because the minute I put my finger on the glass it opened up to a door.

Who Got The Bullet?

They were following me. Well I didn’t know if it was a they or even a he or she but I was being followed. I’m sure of that.

A Note to Myself

Dear Younger Christina, High school has recently been stressful with all the tests and projects, but that doesn’t mean I forgot about you since our childhood days were so blithe.