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Now’s the time to become a Miss O Writer of the Month!

What does that mean? Well, for every 5 posts, quizzes or polls you write and get posted, you will receive the Writers badge for your profile and get awarded 1,000 BONUS POINTS! We can’t wait to see what you write!

Do You Know What You Want?

Do you know what you want and how to go about getting it or are you more complacent? Already have an aim right in front of you or not? Let's find out.

What’s Your Fashion Feel?

Sometimes it's hard to pin down your particular fashion "style." Some of us just like what we like, while others follow magazine trends or go for a specific kind of look (hippie, Goth, preppy, etc.) What's yours?

Defend. Don’t OFFEND!

Can you defend yourself without offending others? Sure, standing up for yourself is a good trait to have – no one wants to be a pushover! But, HOW you do it is important too. You don’t want to bulldoze over people or strong-arm them into capitulating. Finesse is everything. So, how do you get your own way? Take the quiz and let’s see!

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