Stress-Free Start To School

stydy tips, to do list

When you’re about to start a a new year at school, you are taking on a whole new set of subjects, meet new people, create new friendships and take on new challenges.

So here are some tips to make sure you get off on the right foot :

  1. Get set before day one: Make sure you have your stationery, uniform, and study space ready.
  2. Find a good quiet study space: Create an area for your study where you can focus.Maybe you prefer the dining room table, or perhaps it’s a desk in your room – choose a place you feel comfortable, alert and focused. Make sure its not your bed please! 
  3. Make a To-do List:  Write a ‘to-do’-list and tick off each task as you finish it, also maintain study planners!
  4. ROUTINE!: . A good way to do it is to spend the first hour after you arrive home from school doing something you enjoy – which might be playing music, sport, video or games. Then spend time on homework before dinner.
  5. Set realistic goals: Don’t be too hard on yourself, set realistic goals and  if you don’t achieve them, try your best and don’t lose heart. Be proud of what you achieve.
  6. Try new stuff: Dont bore yourself, get out of your comfort zone and join a society or the magazine or something!
  7. Ask for help if needed: Ask your teacher when a question arises in class or a friend who shares the same class as you.
  8. Be POSIITVE: Try to stay positive and take every day at a time. With a positive attitude, you can accomplish anything!