Storybird! A great website for young writers.

Hi all, my name is Cara and I am a writer. I LOVE to write, but I always have a hard time keeping up with it and finding new things to write about, but that was until I found Storybird! is a website where you can write, read, and post stories, poetry, picture books and even chapter books!

I love Storybird so much! I’m definitely writing more since I got on the site.

My favorite part about Storybird are the monthly challenges. Every month Storybird releases a new “challenge” or writing idea. If you complete the challenge you get a badge and your story might even be posted by Storybird!

It is a great motivator to write every day. I 100% recommended it to other young writers.

The only downside is, to uphold the morals/family-friendly-ness of the site, every submission (except poetry) has to go through moderation (making sure there is nothing inappropriate about your writing.) With the monthly challenges it only takes a couple of days, but for everything else, it may take several weeks before your writing is published on the site. Other than that, it’ great! If any of you want to check out the site, or my profile to see an example of a monthly challenge submission, my username is Carahnp.