You can Help Stop Animal Testing

Hello, Today I am going to bring up a rather serious subject – Animal testing!

Everyday helpless animals are tested on in ways unimaginable, and no I am not being over dramatic test humans could never survive. It’s not uncommon, many universities and even your favorite companies do it too. Animals don’t deserve this torture, they are kept in small wire cages like they are nothing, even when the test are failures (if they have not died yet) they put them down in despicable ways. And 90% of animal test fail, these animals are taken away from there families or some of them are pets to people who let leave the house for a while like many people do, and people are paid to take their pets and sell them to labs. Here are some questions I ask myself,

If they fail most of the time why do they still do them?

Why do humans think animals are lesser, therefore, test subjects?

Are these even necessary with today’s technology?

Why is this legal?

I do not have answers, neither do labs, companies, and universities, then why?

But I believe that one-day justice will be delivered, with your help, You can donate or sign positions.

I believe the scientist who did this are evil, depraved humans, and I know God will not let them rest in the afterlife.

Thank you for reading and please help the cause.