Starring YOU!! – Princess for hire!



You were walking down the street to your friends house when a woman walked up to you, she was dressed very fancy,. “Are you y/n l/n?” The woman asked, she had a thick British accent. Your mother told you never to talk to strangers but if you didn’t then the woman probably wouldn’t leave.
“Yes ma’am, that’s me,” you replied shyly. “Well, here,” the lady gave you a rolled up paper, “have a nice day!” She waved as she got back into her limo. “Weird’ you thought as you slowly kept on walking.
Once you got to your friends house you showed her/him the paper. “That’s weird,” they said, squinting their eyes. “Should I open it?” You asked. “I guess,” Your best friend shrugged, “it’s not like they’re going to kill you if you don’t,”. “You’re right,” you sighed, slowly opening the paper in your hands. Once you and your best friend read it you both gasped. Not knowing what to say.

The paper read: ” PRINCESS FOR HIRE! Please come to *Address* for more details!! COME BY JUNE 21st OR YOU WILL MISS THE OPPORTUNITY!!”

“Wow,” you finally said. You looked at your best friend, he/she was smiling widely. “What?” You asked confused. “You should totally do it! I mean it’s not everyday that you get a chance to become a princess!!” They exclaimed. “But what about you, you should do it too!!” You said. “I wasn’t the one given the paper, YOU were so I say go for it!” They leaned their back against their head bored, forking their arms.
You looked at them, they looked at you. “Okay fine!” You roll your eyes, starting to get slightly annoyed that your friend is being this way.

Today was the day that you would go ‘addition’ to be a princess. Once the uber dropped you off, you took a deep breath as you looked at the grand palace in front of you. You where wearing your best dress.
You slowly started to walk to the entrance, your forehead broke out into sweat, “dang it!” You said as you rubbed your head. “AHH!! Y/n! You came!” It was the same lady that gave you the paper, “oh, my dear I’m very sorry! I know your name but you do not know mine, haha silly me! I’m Queen Violet,”. “Um, hi, your majesty . . .” You said awkwardly. “Haha, no need to be so formal, after all, you may become the princess,” the last part the queen sang a little. “Okay…” You replied, not knowing what to do. “Oh, come come, dear, all you have to do is fill out this form!” The Queen lead you to a room with a bunch of other girls in it. They where all filling out papers.
“Here you go, fill this out and when you’re done, hand it over!” The Queen patted your shoulder. You nodded slowly as you went and sat in a chair.
You filled out the form.

Name: y/n l/n
Age: -ur age-
Why do you want to become a princess:

You thought about it for a bit, you don’t really know why you are here.

Why do you want to be a princess: um, I don’t really know . .
What do you think about love: it’s okay, I guess.
Do you like dresses and fancy things: I don’t mind them.
What is your favorite thing: -fav thing-

Once you finished you put your paper on the top of a bunch of other finished papers. Once you were back in your seat, you waited patiently for someone to call your name.
“Y/n l/n?” A man asked. You stood up, “here,” you called as you walked over to him. He brought you to the throne room, where the Queen and King sat, even the prince. “Ah! Y/n!” The Queen beamed, “I’m very happy to see you again, our servant gave us your form and we think you are best fit to be the princess,”. “Really?!” You asked, shocked. “Yes,” the Queen chuckled, “now, let me introduce you to my husband and son, this is King Albirt and that is Prince C/n.”. You nodded, “nice to meet you,” you said quietly.
“Welcome to the family, y/n,” the Queen smiled brightly.

Authors note: Hello! What should happen next? Maybe a love story between you and your crush?! Who knows, let me know if you want more!!