Star Darlings Twelve-Book Set!


A few weeks after I received the tickets and small gifts, the books came in the mail! All twelve of them! I was so excited I put them all on display and started reading Book 1 almost immediately. The books are written by a father-mother team Shana Muldoon Zappa and Ahmet Zappa (they have a little girl!)
There is a book in the series featuring each of the Star Darlings:

1: SAGE and the Journey to Wishworld (the one I’m reading)
2: LIBBY and the Class Election
3: LEONA’s Unlucky Mission
4: VEGA and the Fashion Disaster
5: SCARLET Discovers True Strength
6: CASSIE Comes Through
7: PIPER’s Perfect Dream
8: ASTRA’s Mixed-Up Mission
9: TESSA’s Lost & found
10: ADORA finds a Friend
11: CLOVER’s Parent Fix
12: GEMMA and the Ultimate Standoff

So far I really like Sage’s character and the book (so much that I brought it on vacation with me to read!). The books are really cool because they each have a little panel that opens and shows you the book’s featured character’s, Wish Pendant and Power Crystal (Sage’s Wish Pendant is her necklace and her Power Crystal is Lavenderite.) They also have a bio of all the Star Darlings and pretty, sparkly, colored paper. I love Love, LOVE, the Star Darlings books, and totally recommend them! Definitely read these books 😀

Again, thank you so much Juliette and Hermine for sending me these and I make sure to review them on the site <3