Sleepovers are awesome fun and there are no rules to it except DON’T SLEEP IN IT!
However every party needs a plan, and here is one just for you!

slumber party, pillow fight
pillow fight, slumber party, party games
popcorn, chocolates, movie snacks
girls night, midnight snack , movie time
  • The first thing you have to do is to ask for permission.

  • Number two, a guest list, make sure to invite your closest friends. The last thing you want is to have a bunch of people arrive at your house unannounced. 

  • Make sure you have extra mattresses and enough space to sleep. Preferably in your room or in the TV room, that is if nobody else is going to watch TV.

  •  You cannot have your guest going hungry. That would be weird, so arrange for SNACKS! If you are a little low on snacks make prior arrangements with them to bring their own snacks, so that everyone can share.

  • Thirdly, plan some cool activities for the night. Although not the entire night because if there are other residents in the house you might not want to disturb them, but activities like

    1. watching a movie such as (horror, romance, romance-comedy, action)

    2. Playing games like hide and seek, board games can also be a great way to spend the night.

    3. And of course PILLOW FIGHTS! Just don’t knock each others teeth out.