One dark stormy day there was a girl named Silvy she was 14 years old.
13 years ago her father died and he had a secret lab that Silvy did not know about.
That day she went down to the basement and touched a wall.
The wall flipped and she was in a lab.
Her father’s lab.
And her life changed…

On Silvy’s last adventure she faced zombie dogs. In the end, she saw aliens. This is her alien adventure.

story written by a tween girlI ran over to the door and opened it there was an alien. It was a chubby green round creature with weird eyes. I grabbed it, clutching on to the wiggling creature. I ran to the basement to the flipping wall. I was at my dad’s lab. Last week after the zombie invasion I had repaired it. It looked super cute.

I threw the struggling alien into a big cage and locked it shut. My dog flipped into my lab. “Don’t do anything,” I warned my dog. Last time Angel went in she turned into a zombie. Angel sat down and began licking her paws. I slipped on a lab coat and picked up a knife and slashed open the alien. The alien turned into a glob of green slime.

I pulled on gloves, grabbed a little bottle and scooped some slime in. “
Silvy, sweetie! Its lunchie time!” my mom called in her normal annoying voice. I ran up. “I am going shopping okay sweetheart?” I nodded and my mom walked out the door. I took out leftover pasta and microwave it. Before I took a bite, the doorbell started ringing. I cautionary walked over and opened it. There was an alien on the doorsteps! It looked different from the one I saw earlier. I took out my pocket knife ready to kill it. Before, I brought the knife down the alien squeaked. “Please, don’t kill me!” I put my pocket knife in my pocket.
“Can I trust you?” I asked worried that it was just pretending to be nice. She nodded looking at me with the biggest and sweetest eyes I ever saw. I sign “Come in,”

“How come you not like the others I saw?” I asked. I and the alien whose name was Elma were sitting outside. (With Angel) “I was the first alien who got made” she replied. I was very confused. I asked her where how and why the aliens were made. “It’s like this” she said.

“In outer space, there was a planet named Blara, where I was made, there was a scientist that lived there named Dr. Vergo. He made me first, but he accidentally put a kind potion in my body. He didn’t like that so he tossed me into earth garbage, a place to send things to Earth. A day after I was at Earth all my alien brothers came. Dr. Vergo put a mean potion in them. That’s my story, sorry that I did not have much information” I finished writing all my note in my lab diary (New lab diary unlike from my dad’s)

“Follow me to my lab,” I instructed Elma. Elma agreed and followed me. Soon we were at my lab. I took out a special high tech science computer. “Okay the planet is called Blara B-l-a-r-a” I mumbled to my myself as I typed it in. There were hundreds of results unlike the normal search on my phone. I scrolled sideways to a website to look at information about Blara. Here is what it said:

Blara is a unique place in Sparris galaxy. It is made of lava, rock and sand. The only source of water is Lave Creek. Lave Creek is a small creek holding enough water for only one person. It is the most important part of Blara. Without it the whole planet will die. By secret studies of secret scientists, scientists believe that there is someone there. The scientists also believed that the one person we lived
there was a secret scientist. Not much is known about Blara, however we know where it is located:

Sparris, Blara, Milky Way, Earth

“Did that sound like your planet?” I asked Elma. However, Elma didn’t answer. She just gazed at the picture of Blara with her big, sad and green eyes. “My home,” she whispered like the silvery wind as if I wasn’t there. Her soft and sad voice made me feel sad as well.

“Food, snacks, clothing, compass, water, flashlight, pocket knife, portable high tech computer that can turn into a tiny block, diary, dad’s diary, potions to breath, regular potions, favorite silver fountain pen…” I was mumbling to myself as I was getting ready.

“What are you making?” Elma asked. I took a metal part and screwed to the body of a rocket ship. “A rocket ship,” I replied. I was using my dad’s diary as a manual. “Done!” I cried. I had written a note to my mom that I was out for couple of months. I opened the door. and Elma steps in. “Three, two, one, BLAST OFF!!!!!” I cried pulling the lever. The rocket ship blasted off.

“HELP!!!” Elma cried. I slammed a button down. It immediately slowed down. “I thought a rocket ship only goes up,” Elma said. “Not this one” I replied steering it. I looked at the screen that says when I was going to reach the atmosphere. When it reached it I press the GRAVITY button so we could breathe. I headed west.

“How long will this take?” Elma asked. She was nibbling on a piece of piece of jell-o. Unlike Elma, I was gobbling down my pasta. Before you comment I was VERY hungry!! I shrugged “Normally it will take more than 25,000 years, but I put special stuff that will take only three weeks” Elma nodded and continued eating Jell-O.

Two weeks later………

“We’re here!” I cried excitedly gulping the last of my chicken noodle soup (with potions in it so it will stay good). Elma finished her spinach salad and followed me to the door. I took out a blue potion that makes you breathe nicely and makes it feel like you are still on earth.

I picked up my supply backpack, put it on and head out the door with Elma close behind.

“It smells horrible!” I cried. The air smelled like dead stuff tossed in fire. I pinched my nose. Elma just sniffed the air. “Do you like it?” asked. Since I pinched my nose it sounded like “Doo goo like bit”. Elma seemed to understand because she nodded and sniffed the air again. I open my backpack and drank another potion. Now the air smelled like…(Sniff, sniff) HEAVEN!!! I took out the map of Blara and was looking at the way to lave creek. “It’s Northeast!” Elma cried. “You have to keep that way!” Elma pointed to the north left. “How did you know?” I asked. Elma told me that her antenna helps here remember where her home is. I started walking.

I gasped. Seconds ago I have been running. Now I was at the end of a cliff. If I step again I would have fallen- into the bubbling, boiling lava.

I took five steps back, took out my camera and took a picture of it.

“How are we supposed to get over?” I asked Elma. Elma didn’t answer. She just started floating over. I drank a potion of flying and also flew over. “Its right there!” Elma whispered. She pointed to a little hill on the round. Silvy carefully walked over to where Elma was pointing. “Stop!” Elma cried. I obeyed and stopped. Behind the spot, there was a little pool of water. That’s probably Lave Creek, I thought. Elma was digging in the hard rock. I helped her. Finally, we reached something. It was a round rock-like thing. I picked it up and the ground under us disappeared and we fell in.

“Ma hahaha haha!” boomed a voice. I looked behind me. There was a man with gray hair, icy blue eyes, a lab coat and one of those weird half glasses. Dr. Vergo. “What are you here for little girl?” he asked with a voice that made a chill go down my spine. “I am here to stop the aliens” I blurted out sounding like a little squeak. Why am I so stupid I thought. Dr. Vergo smiled and again a chill ran down my spine. I was shivering with fear. I took a potion of death out of my backpack and threw it at him. He quickly disappeared.

“Did you kill him?” Elma asked. I nodded, blinking my eyes to see if it actually happened. Elma hopped over to a garbage can like thing and pressed a button. I walked over to a picture on the wall. It was a picture of a planet that had beautiful sparkles and dots all over. There were little fluffballs moving. On the picture, someone had written time “time to make a change to this world!” A bop noise disturbed my thoughts. Chubby little aliens were coming out of earth garbage! I smiled and took a potion of original out of my backpack, went outside and tossed it in Lave Creek. Suddenly everything glowed. The whole planet became sparkly and happy again. Everyone cheered loudly. Then my science phone went. “Ding!” I looked at it. It said:

Planet Blara is now sparkling like its normal form thanks to secret scientist Silvy!

I felt tears coming to my eyes. I told my new friends goodbye and went back home.

“Hi Silvy darling! When you said you were going to a whole month you were sure correct!” my mom greeted me. I smiled. Angel came running and started licking my face. I remembered Elma and smiled.

It been a week since my last adventure today something special happened. I found a little list of instructions in my dad’s diary for a robot that was when my next adventure began.

Written by @Squirrelymeowmachine42