One dark stormy day there was a girl named Silvy she was 14 years old. 13 years ago her father died and he had a secret lab that Silvy did not know about. That day she went down to the basement and touched a wall. The wall flipped and she was in a lab. Her father’s lab. And her life changed…

zombie dog

art by @cloriscreates


It was the first day of summer. I woke up early in the morning and went down to the lab I found yesterday. There was an old sign that said Gary’s lab. Gary was my Father’s name. What will I find? I wondered as I changed and put on my glasses. I touched the wall and the wall flipped.

I looked around. What I saw was incredible. There were skeletons, bottles, notebooks, goggles, Lab coats and more. I ran to a table to look at a notebook. In my dad’s handwriting. I took a picture of it. Right after I took a picture of the diary my mom called my name. “Silvy Sweetie, where are you? It’s almost breakfast!” my mom called in a high pitched sweet voice. “Coming!” I shouted rolling my eyes. My mom’s voice is SO annoying and embarrassing 😵.

After breakfast, I ran down the stairs again. There was everything down there. Lemons to onions. Water to blood. Flesh to bones. I tried on a pair of goggles, a lab coat and surprisingly it fit me! I thought that I could just try mixing a few liquids and solids. What I did was I took a few potions. There was an orange one that was labeled Danger. Then I put an eyeball of a bird, the flesh of a rhino and the carvings of a clean bone. After a while, I took the spit of a giraffe and a took 5 drops of frog blood. While mashing onions, I wondered if it was a real experiment. I found some human skin and put it in my glass bottle.

After I went upstairs to eat lunch which was a cheeseburger and chicken legs. I accidentally left the wall open. When I was eating I called my dog’s name Angel because I had table scraps for him, and he did not come. I went into my basement to just check to see if somehow Angel got into the basement and I found out that I left the wall open. When I got to my basement I saw that the experiment I made was spilled and it was on the floor. Angel was licking the experiment!! “Angel, stop it bad dog!,” but it was too late. A second later I just did not believe what I saw. Instead of cute little Angel, I saw my worst nightmare. ZOMBIE DOG!!!

Oh hell, I thought. I grabbed a cage that was in a corner and locked Zombie Angel in. “GRRR” growled Zombie Angel. She had turned black, she was bloody and his eyes are red as blood. I can’t tell my mom about this, I said to myself. I ran upstairs and went through the wall. When I got upstairs I tried to calm myself down. After an hour I went back downstairs. I looked in a cabinet. What’s this? I wondered holding up a piece of paper. I smelled lemon juice on the paper. Wait lemon juice could be invisible ink! I ran upstairs and asked my mom if I could bake cupcakes ( bake lemon juice paper to see if it said anything). “Sure sweetie,”  my mom said. “I am going shopping anyway.” “Leave me a cupcake! HEEHEEE” When my mom went out the door, I grabbed the oven door opened it and threw the letter in. 1 minute after I opened the oven. In dark letters, it said: Go to the only house at the end of 911 death street to find the potion that turns zombies back to people.

No way. The house on 911 death street was deserted for 100 years. A legend said that people went in, but never came out. From that day on no one ever went in the house. It became old and started to crumble. I grabbed the book about it and gazed at the picture.

My mom went in. “Where are the cupcakes?” she asked.

“I um…. Ate them all,”

“Bad girl!” said my mom.

“Mom, can I go to a sleepover party for a week?” I lied. I am actually getting the potion.

“As long as you behave!”

“Arf, ARF!” went Zombie Angel. He ran out the door.

“Angel don’t run away !” I said. I looked out the window. Angel was making everyone turn into a zombie by rubbing against people and making everyone smell his turd. “When is the party?” my mom asked “tomorrow,” I replied. My mom headed for the door. “Can you pack my stuff?” I asked before my mom can open the door. “Sure,” her mom replied. I looked outside the window I saw zombies.

I woke up the next morning. It was still early. Then I wrote a note to my mom saying that I left for the party. I grabbed an extra backpack and put in some inventions I made, food and a flashlight. I got the real backpack and tossed it into my closet. For breakfast I ate 5 ounces of yogurt. I hoped I would come out alive and headed out the door. My mind was flipping like crazy. I knew I had to save the world.

After 2 miles of walking I was finally at the haunted house. When I was 10 feet away from the door creaked open. I saw red glowing eyes in the door and in windows then they disappeared. I stepped onto the porch and my spine cracked. “Ow” I said that really hurt. I wondered how that even happened I was not moving. Then I stepped inside of the house. I closed my eyes and just hoped this was a dream I pinched myself then opened my eyes back up. It was not a dream. I walked Inside, there was a big hole in the floor, also bloody handprints on the wall, spiderwebs and a little voice that was coming from under a long staircase in the middle of the room. It was saying, “come if you dare you are risking your life.” I did not know if I could do this. I stepped a bit closer into the house I fell into the hole.

“Ahhh!” I screamed. I fell on a stone like material. Ouch, I thought. I had scraped my knees and left blood on the floor. I opened my flashlight and looked around. I was in a stone maze with blood. On the walls were creepy things that said come a step closer and other things. I started running down a path it was long until I got to a two turn part in the maze. One path sign said the right way and the other said its wrong. I went down the wrong way because in movies that is usually the right way. After a while there were two switches that said angel and devil. I picked devil but I fell in a hole the hole was very dark so I grabbed my flashlight out of my backpack and turned it on. There was a bunch of different little springs, batteries, dynamite and metal blocks. I made an invention. So what I did is I took some wet cement and glued 3 blocks of metal together and let the cement dry I also cemented the dynamite to the blocks and cemented a metal block on top so that it was on there for good. I glued two springs to the dynamite and cement block put my arms through the springs and blasted the dynamite. I flew up into the air and I landed in a lab.
I looked round. A dark shadow crossed the room. A man appeared and he asked me what I wanted and how I got here and how I was alive! I told him the story. He nodded. “I am Harry and I know your father, we had been best friends. Before he died he told me to protect this potion,” the man said. “That is when I went to the deserted house and made traps, I can’t believe that you got here alive.” Harry handed me a light blue and green bottle of liquid.

I walked 10 more miles to get back home. I saw many zombies on the way. “You are early,” my mom remarked. She did not see the zombies let. I got my potion loaded it into a Nerf gun and walked outside. “One, two three!” I shouted. “SPLAT, SPLAT, SPLAT!” went the potion splashing on the zombies. Little by little they became lighter green till they back, their clothes got cleaner till it was regular again. Once everyone was back to normal including my dog, Angel, Silvy wondered what else could happen in this crazy world and crazy lab. What will be my next adventure? I snuggled up with my dog and dreamed of wonderful little aliens. Next morning I heard a sound,DING DONG I looked out my window and thought again. Oh, I thought, too soon aliens were already at my door.