Serves Her Right 


I was lately having issues with this group project that I had. We had to make a forest and show animals living in it with a river alongside. The groups were made randomly by the teacher and Emily (the girl I never get along with because she calls me a nerd) was in my group. 

We decided to make Joe the group leader and we had to go to his house to make the project. Firstly, Emily never showed up to help. And then when we made the project she lied to the teacher that we did not ‘invite’ her. I was so angry and I never complain to my teacher so I knew no one will trust us. I wanted to smack Emily but I peacefully went to her and tried to talk it out but instead she made fun of me with her other friends and they all called me a nerd and guess what the boy from senior grade was also there and he was also making fun. I was about to cry so I went away. I told my teacher everything and she listened to me and scolded Emily. Her parents were also called to the school and were informed about their child’s misbehavior. 

I’m so happy. Some people should be treated like this only and I really hope she doesn’t misbehave with me next time.