How to Organize Your Dresser Better

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Hey guys! It’s Reese, your Miss O Intern and today I will be sharing my latest blog post on how to organize your clothes. The full post with pictures is available at my blog. The step-by-step is below. Let’s get started!


Obviously, the first step to making your dresser or set of drawers neater is to purge, or to get rid of everything you don’t want. I have a different type of clothing in each of my dresser drawers, so what I did is empty each of my drawers out and sort them into two piles: keep and give away. The clothes that I didn’t want I plan to either sell them at a yard sale or donate them to a thrift store such as Goodwill.

Sort & Fold

Now, empty all of your drawers and sort them into piles based on the type of clothing, then fold them regularly.

Roll 'em up!

This next step is to roll up all of your clothes. The picture instructions are in the full post with pictures.

Put away.

Finally, put away all of your rolled-up clothes into dresser drawers, and you’re done! Now, whenever you’re looking for outfits, you can pull out a drawer and easily see all of the options, saving you tons of time (and energy) in the mornings. 

Congrats for tackling this project and see you next week!

– Reese 💜