These two girls have done it all!

 Need we say more? Twins, Sarah and Kimi are actresses, dancers, models and social media stars. They’ve modeled with big brands like Sugar Lulu and Sugar Haul and were even featured in the debut issue of Dancing Life Magazine. With more than 4k followers in Instagram you can see why these two have become so successful. Check out their interview below!


What fictional place would you most like to visit?

Kimi: I would either like to visit Camp Half-Blood from Percy Jackson or the palace from The Selection. Those books are some of my favorites.

Sarah: I would love to visit Percy and Annabeth’s cabins from Perch Jackson! 


2. What job do you think you would be really good at?

Kimi: I think I’d make a pretty good lawyer. I love to debate. 

Sarah: I would be a great history teacher, because I love History. 


3. What songs do you have completely memorized?

Kimi: Every song from Hamilton! It’s my absolute FAVORITE play ever! 

Sarah: Musical Theater music, 100 percent. I’m currently in the production Shrek, so I have Freak Flag Fly stuck in my head. 


4. What are some small things that make your day better?

Kimi: Just doing kind things for people! I love to make other people’s day brighter.

Sarah: Great food! If there is something vegan that my school is serving my day is automatically good. 


5. What are you most likely to become famous for?

Kimi: I think my acting career. We have a lot of exciting things coming up. 

Sarah: Definitely my performing. I’ve been working a lot recently!


6. What has changed from your first dance competition to your most recent? 

Kimi: On my first competition I was so scared! I thought I’d forget my two numbers. Now at conventions and competition, I have faith in my self. 

Sarah: I hated dance then! I just wanted to go home. (I was just four!) Now I love dancing and want to learn more and more numbers. 


7. We noticed you’re involved with Dance Hope Cure. How did you get involved and what’s your role?

Kimi: We are ambassadors. We are invited to events and photo shoots. It’s a lot of fun.

Sarah: I got involved by applying to be an ambassador. Being an ambassador is a lot of fun because you get to plan fundraisers and stuff like that!


8. How did it feel going to your first audition?

Kimi: I was nervous. Once I got in the room, I was myself, and I did okay. I was stressed over nothing!

Sarah: I felt EXTREMELY nervous. I was freaking out over everything. Now, I’m way more confident in myself and my abilities. 


9. How did you get into singing?

Kimi: I got into singing because I do theater. I saw my first Broadway show when I was four and had been doing theater ever since.

Sarah: I began singing and doing theater when I was younger, and have always loved it. Recently, I have been branching out into singing more and doing more musical theater! 


10. Have you ever thought about writing your own songs or releasing an album?

Kimi: Yes! We hope we can do that in the future.

Sarah: Yes, we have been working on writing some songs recently. Finger crossed!   


11. What can viewers see on your Youtube channel that they can’t see anywhere else?

Kimi: They can see Behind The Scenes of photo shoots, updates on our lives, and more!

Sarah: On Youtube viewers can see more of our personality and what we do everyday! We pose behind the scenes, Q&A videos, and vlogs!


12. What is your favorite group on Miss O & Friends and why?

Kimi: My favorite group is the dance group. There are tons of helpful tips!

Sarah: My favorite Miss O & Friends Group is also the dance group. I really like of the tips as well!


13. Where can we follow you?

Instagram: Sarah and Kimi

Tik Tok: Sarah and Kimi

Twitter:  Sarah and Kimi

Facebook: Sarah and Kimi

YouTube: Sarah and Kimi