Book review – Hoops: Out of Bounds


What it’s about:

Elle Deluca is a six-foot-tall seventh grader, who, according to most people, “was born to play basketball”. Elle has to deal not only with high expectations from her family, friends, basketball coach, as well as teammates, but also with schoolwork, volunteer commitments, and the family’s new, untrained dog. With everything that is going on in her life, her attitude towards basketball wavers. Elle constantly battles whether basketball is the right thing for her. Should she follow her heart and take a break, and let everyone down?

Ashley says:
“Out of Bounds” is Book #3 of the “Hoops” series, written by WNBA MVP and Olympic Gold Medalist Elena Delle Donne. Even though it’s Book #3, you don’t need to have read Books #1 and #2 in order to enjoy and understand this book. The author’s target audience for this series is middle school aged, and I think it was a “slam dunk”! The book is well written, probably reflecting the author’s own middle school experience. Readers who play basketball or are basketball fans will doubly enjoy this book as it has lots of basketball terminology, and realistic settings. The chapter where Elle’s team was competing against their arch rivals kept me at the edge of my seat! Off the basketball court, this book is also very relatable to the everyday life of a seventh grader. There are a lot of names in this book – teammates, family members, neighbours – that may overwhelm you in the beginning, but you will quickly get used to them. As a seventh grader myself, I am happy to recommend this book to all my friends, especially the basketball players or fans.

Spoiler alert:

The book ends with a cliffhanger, so you will have to read Book #4 in the series for sure…

By: Ashley

Age 12, Grade 7
Ontario, Canada