Recommended Video Games that Don’t Require a Download

Here’s my list of recommended video games that don’t require a download!!

They’re good for people with less powerful computers.

1. The Final Earth


This game is simple, but a lot of fun. Basically, you have to start a colony on a faraway planet, because the Earth has been made uninhabitable. You need to build houses for your citizens, and give them jobs and food to create a self sustaining colony.


2. Pandemic 2


This is basically the opposite of #1. It’s really hard, but rewarding. You have to make a disease that will infect everyone in the world. When everyone is dead, you win. if they can cure your disease, you lose.


3. RPG playground


It’s the most educational game on this list, by a long shot. basically, you can create RPG games and share them with people, but it involves basic coding. You have to code what the characters say, and you also do quite a few functions. If you code something wrong, the program will tell you how to fix it.


4. Gridland


Gridland is a match 3 game, like candy crush. Instead of matching candy, however, you match materials. You use these materials to build a city. When it turns into nighttime, though, you have to match things like swords and shields to fight monsters. It’s very kid friendly, though, Everything is pixels, the monsters are silhouettes, and there’s no blood or anything.




You’ve probably already heard of, but it’s really awesome. You’re a snake, and you need to collect orbs to get bigger, and you can “kill” other players by getting their heads to touch your body. You can then eat their orbs, which give you more points than normal orbs.


I know a few more, but they’re more geared towards weapons. They are still very kid friendly, though. If you’re interested in any of these, most of which have a more intense feel, I’ll happily give you their names.

If you know any, I’m looking for some new ones to play. Would you mind posting them?

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