Meet the Star Peyton Clark

Meet Garrett from “I Didn’t Do it”. Yes, you guessed it right. We’re talking about the star Peyton Clark, who was born on May 20, 1994 in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. He is also known for his role in Windsor (2015), Mild Mannered (2012) and Danger Jane (2011).

Peyton Clark

Describe yourself in three words.

Peyton Clark: Geeky, funny, awkward

Are there any similarities between you and your character Garrett Spenger?

Peyton Clark: We both can get pretty worked up over the smallest of things.

Who is your favorite co-star and why?

Peyton Clark: We try not to choose favorites, but Austin’s my bro.

Who is your celeb crush?

Peyton Clark: I’ve had a crush on Natalie Portman since I saw her in the first Star Wars prequel as a kid.


Do people ever recognize you on the streets?

Peyton Clark: Whenever we (the IDDI cast) hang out, we’re constantly approached, but I’m being recognized more and more when I’m just out on my own. I try to always stop and take photos with fans who want them.

The fact fans would be shocked to know about you?

Peyton Clark: With the exception of one extreme stunt (snowboarding down a steep incline at high speed), I’ve done all my own stunts on the show.

Share the funniest prank you played or you got played on while on the set.

Peyton Clark: Piper and Sarah thought it’d be hilarious to hide all the stuff from my dressing room and pretend they had no idea what happened to it. I found it all the next day, but then moved it to a different hiding place and convinced them I was fed up and wanted it all back. They went to show me where it was, but obviously it was all missing. They really started to panic when I got a security officer to join in and “threaten” to make them pay for losing my stuff!

What kind of music do you listen to?

Peyton Clark: I’ve always been a big fan of alternative music, but you can catch me singing top 40 hits on a daily basis.

Your sister Acacia Brinley is a YouTuber – have you ever thought of starting your own channel?

Peyton Clark: Well, I actually have a channel, but it’s very low key and I don’t upload videos onto it very often. Occasionally, I’ll record a cover or film a short skit and post it on there. But only occasionally.

Have you ever had an OMG moment in front of your crush?

Peyton Clark: When I was in third grade, I got paired up with my crush during PE to practice passing a soccer ball. Unfortunately, I tried to show off and… ended up kicking the ball directly into her face.

Best gifts to give to a boy?

Peyton Clark: Well, I’m a geek, so pretty much anything Star Wars, video game, or super hero-related will do.

Do you believe in long-distance relationship?

Peyton Clark: I believe they are possible with A LOT of dedication, but they’re definitely not for everyone.

Is it okay for a girl to ask a boy out?

Peyton Clark: Of course!

Your perfect date would be like?

Peyton Clark: I’m not picky. As long as it’s something that allows us to talk and interact during so that I can actually get to know her better, I’m good.

Dating dos and Don’ts. Any five.

Peyton Clark:

  • Stick to your values.

  • Don’t change yourself for somebody else.

  • Listen to each other’s thoughts and feelings. They’re valid, whether or not you agree with them.

  • When resolving issues, work together and figure out a way to compromise.

  • Have fun. If you’re fighting more than you’re laughing, maybe it’s time to move on.


Who was your first crush? What was she like?

Peyton Clark: I actually don’t know. It was kindergarten. I barely talked to her.

What’s the easiest way to your heart?

Peyton Clark: Humor. Being able to take a joke and make a joke are very important to me.

What do you look for in a girl?

Peyton Clark: As previously mentioned, funny girls are my weakness.