Period 101

Some tips for when your friend of the month comes 🙂 

♥️ Drink water ( Blood can thicken if the body is dehydrated, so drinking lots of water keeps your blood thinned. … H2O also helps to reduce cramps and bloating.)

♥️ Use a heating pad( it will realize the cramps)

♥️ Drink hot tea or hot chocolate☕️🍵( it will soothe your stomache & also realive cramps)

♥️ Use feminine wips to clean up( periods can be messy it’s always good to have those whenever you use the bathroom and change your pad and keep good hygiene)

♥️ Take medication for pain (can also help relieve pain)

♥️ Take a warm shower( keep yourself clean)

♥️ Download the app Flo( period tracker)

♥️ Don’t wear tampons to sleep( can raise your risk of developing toxic shock syndrome (TSS), a rare but life-threatening bacterial infection it can also leak)

♥️ Should Change pad every 3-4 hours ( keeps you from getting infections and smells)

♥️ Keep an extra pair of panties( your Never know when you might get your period)

♥️ Get extra sleep (when u wake up u may feel refreshed and not so drained and exhausted )