Here’s A Pep Talk From Me To You!

feeling low, sad girl, lonely

You are worth it. You’re here for a reason. To make a difference for the better. Do not be held back by “boy” or “girl” things. Be the giraffe in your field of horses. You can. So what if you’re trying out for football? Life is tough, but so are you. Yes, you may have things you want to change about yourself. Yes, you will never be perfect; no one is. Take the most kind, beautiful person you see. Even she/he has imperfections. It doesn’t matter! Embrace your flaws and imperfections! Wear them like designer jeans! Don’t be flawless, be flawsome! Learn from your mistakes. Everyone makes them! Sometimes, you come home with an “A”! Sometimes, you come home with a “C”. You’ll be okay. Your grades or looks don’t define you. Your inner beauty does. Have you chose kind lately? Have you helped someone lately? If the answer is no, then go choose kind! You are flawsome! You are perfect just the way you are! You are. worth it!