11 Types of People You Might Meet in Summer

Summer is here and so is the summer break. I just had a very hectic semester and I can’t wait to do all the fun things that I have been looking forward to do since forever like, getting back to reading all the comics I downloaded over the semester, drawing and cooking!

Since, people have a lot of free time on their hands, everybody likes to catch up with their hobbies. Some people like to spend their entire summer in a corner fueled by a ton of books while other wanderlust souls are always planning their next adventure. Whether, you like to DIY everything in sight or spend your summer on bed binge watching Friends for a 100th time, know that you deserve it! So,  here is a list of 11 ways people like to spend their summer break!

  • The Enthusiastic Book Worm


    I am reading a new book series this summer, what are you reading?

  • That Person Who Loves Food More Than Anything


    Angry or hangry, food is the answer to all the questions!

  • The Party Animal


    After a tough school semester, all the social butterflies deserve to have some fun!

  • And The One Who Wishes To Marry Their Bed


    No matter how social or extrovert you are, this is all of us!

  • The Beaching Babe



  • The YOLO Adventurous Lot


    Summer is the ideal time to go on a trip with your fun squad (or family)!

  • Team-Finish-All-Seasons-in-5-Days


    Because this is what summer breaks are for! B for break, B for binge-watching.

  • That Person Who Is Constantly Learning New Stuff


    Are you that person who has 10,000 hobbies because why not?! This is the perfect time to catch up with all your awesome hobbies and well… finding new hobbies!

  • The Video Games Addict


    What cool games do you play?

  • The Social Butterfly

    The one who makes sure to tweet, facebook, instagram  every update of her life!


  • People Who Do Not Know What to Do With all This Free Time


    And that’s totally okay! Because, summer breaks are the time to find out what you are into, potential hobbies and things you would like to do!

Comment and tell us which type of person are you?