7 Tips for Packing Healthy School Lunches

For many of us packing our school lunches can be much of an inconvenience. At times our busy schedules and picky eating habits put us in a health hazard. As the clock ticks away and the school bus is already here, what are the quick and easy solutions?

It may seem easy to throw in processed food and sugary delights into that brown bag. The effect of unhealthy food will haunt you into adulthood and beyond.

Obesity and health problems are common in first world countries these days. You can’t deny the fact that the main cause of this obesity is our unhealthy lifestyle that we accustom ourselves to.

A healthier lifestyle can be promoted by setting an example. Use these 7 tips for packing healthy school lunches to ensure nutrition and health.

Focus on Healthy Eating

The first rule is to have a full determination to take on a healthy lifestyle. Create a plan not just for lunches, but for every meal.

If you do your groceries yourself, then you have to allocate time and budget so that you can get fresh organic food at least twice a month. Organic food can be slightly overpriced but the long term health is worth the money.

Locate a nearby organic farmer’s market. Make an early morning run to the market for fresh food and collect groceries.

Create a Plan for Lunch & Get Involved!

Give the school lunch a proper thought. Don’t rely only on your parents for packing it, get yourselves involved to make your own lunch.

You can look for interesting recipes online for sandwiches, salads, wraps, soup, etc. Making a wholesome club-sandwich following the Youtube recipes is no big issue.

You need to understand the importance of healthy eating. The access calories and fats that you’ll be gaining after eating unhealthy outside lunch will ultimately cause harm to you in the long run.

You can choose the mix of vegetables and protein for your food. This ensures that you have a healthy lifestyle from a young age. Try taking expert advice from your mom, dad or grandparents!

Save Time with Meal Kits

For those who don’t have time for grocery shopping, meal kits are lifesavers. A package delivered right to your doorstep with everything you need for a dish, including the recipe? Yes, that’s the dream.

The prices will vary depending on the portions. Most companies have an amazing array of healthy options. These include soups, salads, pasta, wraps, and even snacks.

The ingredients are fresh and you receive everything needed at a short notice. Home Chef boasts recipes that will take only 30 minutes to prepare. Green Chef caters to specific diets like vegan, keto, etc.

Meal kit companies encourage the involvement of all family members. For example, Sun basket includes little tasks can do to learn and have fun.

Fruits and Vegetables Can Be Fun

If you like things colorful, what better ways to make your meals more interesting than adding loads of colorful fruits and vegetables.

Cut the vegetables into shapes of animals or your favorite characters. You can take help from your parents about cutting the fruits and vegetables or use kid-friendly knives since safety is always an issue. Also, consider making fruit salads or punches and I’m sure you’ll love scooping out melons, mangoes, etc.

All you need is to have a little bit of confidence and plenty of determination to learn to be independent. 

Try making lunches based on themes. For example, an Avengers-themed salad will include food of colors like red, blue, green, etc. Go have fun customizing your themes.

Make Those Healthy Lunches Taste Heavenly

Focus not only on health but also on the taste.

Most of us hate eating vegetables. Instead of boiling, vegetables try steaming them. Marinate the vegetables with spices beforehand. You need to ensure that the vitamins and minerals are retained so it’s better to steam the vegetables.

Use nut butter or season the butter to add flavor. Adding flavor will reduce the amount of butter you need to use.

Consider the sous vide method to cook meat or vegetables. This method takes little or no oil and the results are absolutely delicious.

For homemade desserts such as puddings, use almond or coconut milk. Use natural sugars like organic maple syrup, molasses or honey.

Add leafy greens like kale & spinach in fruit smoothies. Fruit flavors hide the earthy smell that most of us dislike.

Turn Leftovers Into Delicious Lunches

Have leftover grilled salmon from last night’s dinner? Cut them into small pieces and toss them into salads. Had roasted chicken the night before? Cut slices to make sandwiches, wraps, salads, etc. You can make sandwiches with literally any kind of meat.

Leftover veggies and mushrooms make great fillings for dumplings. You can make mixed rice or pasta with the leftover meat. You can use leftover pasta to make pasta salad. Use leftover rice to make burritos. Tortillas can be used to make easy wraps.

There are many possibilities once you get creative with your leftovers.

Make Healthy Homemade Versions of Your Favorites

Just like hiding the greens in smoothies, there are countless options to turn your favorites into healthy food.

Having pancakes for lunch sounds pretty enticing right? Grind rolled oats or blend bananas to make pancakes. If you are looking to enhance the taste then you can try adding organic maple syrup in small amounts.

Ground oats can also be used to make chocolate chip cookies! Speaking of chocolate, you can add avocado to your chocolate mousse instead of eggs.

Make homemade jam with berries and molasses. Jam bought from stores are loaded with refined sugar.

If you are preparing fried rice, then you can use “cauliflower rice” instead of regular rice. You can also try to make Greek yogurt parfait. There are thousands of recipes online to go for and eat healthily!

To Conclude

Eating nutrition filled school lunches will help you to grow up healthy & fit. Your parents and grandparents said the right thing. It is important to correct your eating habit from the earliest age.

Instead of reaching for unhealthy options, you can prepare a healthy lunch at home. All it takes is a little effort and creativity.

Don’t think of it as a chore. It can also be a family activity. Packing lunch together is just another excuse for bonding with your parents. Try taking advantage of this time!