Our Earth and How to Save It


Some of you may know how destructive we can be, yet some may not, so here goes. We live on something called Earth (maybe you heard of it? ;p). We love our planet , but we really don’t show it. Our earth is on the verge of falling apart. If we don’t save it, then who will? Here are some ways we are destructive toward our planet:

  • Putting plastic in trash cans: When you put a plastic water bottle in the trash can, you may think “What’s the hurt?”. Well, I’ll tell you. Every time you do that, you are possibly killing hundreds of animals. Has your mom ever let you eat plastic. Of course not! Because its bad for you. But when you don’t recycle, you are shoving plastic down sea animals mouths. Sound pretty heartless, right?


  • Eating animal products: Now, I love meat just as much as the next girl, but eating meat means eating the animals who give us things we use on a regular basis. Cow give us milk for things like butter, cream, drinking etc. And chickens give us eggs for eating, cooking, baking etc.


  • Taking long showers: I know that some times you want to drown yourself in warm water for hours. But when you do that, you are technically taking water out of needy peoples’ mouths. People could die just because you took a long shower. Sounds heartless, right?


So, we;’ve covered how we’re killing our earth, so let’s talk about saving it:

  • Getting a recycling bin: Remember that plastic water bottle? Well, if you get a recycling bin, you don’t have to worry about killing animals because this piece of plastic is going where it belongs.

  • Going (even part-time) vegan: Like I said before, I LOVE meat, but going vegan means preserving these innocent animals from being endangered. I know that going vegan is a big step, but even going a day without meat is helping so many animals.

  • Taking shorter showers: Saying you can’t take a long shower once in a while, just remember to watch how much water you are using day to day.

The earth thanks you for reading this post. To learn more on how to save Earth, go to Jayden Bartels “I’m so worried” video. Thank you and I love you all!!!