Hi, i am going to share some tips on organizing your life. Your life can be stressful if you don’t organize it.

So, things that make us stress are:
writing an exam, getting scolded by teachers, being bullied, betrayed by your best friend, not accomplishing your goals, not doing things on time and not getting enough sleep. I am going to tell you how to counter each of these stressers in your life!

writing an exam

  • Science has proved that listening to calm music before exam helps you to distress.
  • Recollect everything in mind before writing..
  • Take small brakes and study

Getting scolded by teachers

  • Take help from friends if you are getting scolded for not giving in homework
  • If you feel targeted consult the principle
  • Ask your teacher what you are doing wrong

Being bullied

  • Stand up for yourself.
  • Ignore them.
  • Tell an adult.

Betrayed by your best friend:

  • Talk to your friend about it.
  • If she is saying you are “overacting” find a new group of friends!

Not accomplishing your goals

  • Make a goal list
  • write them down and follow it
  • take baby steps to achieve them
  • Stick to them

Not doing things on time

  • Best solution is to maintain a planner and write down your to-do list for the day as I said before.
  • Check your to-do list and cross out your work when you finished doing it.

Not getting enough sleep

  • Try to listen to soothing music
  • Blink your eyes fast for 60 seconds
  • For more ideas,see my post,'”how to fall asleep fast.