Explorer Academy  Series



REVIEW WRITTEN BY: Sidney Grace Culwell

“Explorer Academy ~ The Nebula Secret” is an exciting and suspenseful book that will keep you engaged and guessing what will happen in this high-stakes adventure! Centered around 12-year-old Cruz Coronado, who is destined to be part of the next generation of great explorers, along with his friends, Lani, Emmett, and Sailor, you will quickly discover that their journey will be anything but an easy one!Nebula Secret book review

Cruz and his best friend, Lani, dream of being great explorers someday. When they decide to apply to the prestigious Explorer Academy in Washington, D.C., Cruz is certain Lani will be the one selected, so it shocks him when he is chosen instead. For him to attend, he will have to return to Washington, D.C., where he was born, but also where his mother died. Not only did Cruz’s mother attend the elite Explorer Academy herself, she later worked at their parent organization as a scientist in their top-secret research lab. When Cruz was only five years old, she died tragically in a lab accident or so he thought.

By attending the Explorer Academy, Cruz hopes to learn more about his mother and uncover the mystery surrounding her death. While at the Academy, he meets Emmett and Sailor, who are also trainees, and they quickly become friends. He is also reunited with his Aunt Marisol, who is a professor at the Academy. At first, exploring new technology seems fun to him, but things start becoming serious when some mysterious people try to kill him. With the help of his best friend, Lani, back home in Hawaii and his new friends, Emmett and Explorer Academy book reviewSailor, at the Academy, will Cruz be able to discover what really happened to his mother and why someone is out to get him? Find out by reading “Explorer Academy ~ The Nebula Secret” and join the adventure.





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