Simple Natural Health And Beauty Tips

Who wants to spend money on items to get gorge or to stop the cravings? Not me! I’m sure some of you feel the same way, so here’s some natural health and beauty tips. Most of these items you should already have at home, but if you don’t, take a trip to the drugstore!

  • Soda has empty calories (high in energy, low in nutrients) so aim for at least one can a week. To hold you over, try drinking some green tea or some orange/apple juice.

diet soda
  • Add a bit of honey to your next bubble bath, it’s a great moisturizer.

honey good for skin
  • Dry shampoo has tons of benefits: Greasy hair? Gone! Too tired to take a shower in the a.m? Spritz it on, girlie!

dry shampoo
  • Look for natural lipstick. I don’t know the brand, but when you put it on, it adjusts to your natural lip color to find the color that works best for you. I have it, and it does work.

  • Catch some sleep, for no black under eyes, to be better at school and to just feel better.

sleepy, asleep
  • Have dry cuticles? Dip your fingers in a bowl of warm water for 5 minutes, let dry, apply lotion. Also, olive oil can help to moisturize them. So thank’s for reading this, I hope I helped.