My Halloween Costume Ideas!

If you don’t know what to be for Halloween, try my easy costume ideas:

An Anti Fairy: You’ll need bat wings and crown plus a black wand. Don’t forget the blue skin. If you want to be a certain one, follow their characteristics. For example, Anti Wanda has the funky teeth and swirl in her hair. Anti Cosmo has the proper British man appearance – bowler hat, monocle, & a fancy suit jacket. Anti Cupid just has a scowl, bow-tie outfit and hate arrows. Foop has a skull shirt and baby bottle with blue wings.


A cat: Just add cat ears and a fake fur tail.



a Harry Potter character: Choose your favorite to decide which one to dress as. If you like Hermione, try frizzy hair and a cute dress. If you like Harry, try a scar on your forehead and circular glasses. If you like Voldemort, try a scary scowl and do red & blue veins on your skin and put on a black cloak.


This is going to be the best Halloween ever! Who will you choose?