I jumped out of bed so quick that I hit my head on the roof.

OOOUCHH!!! I screamed.

“What is so important that you had to wake me up?!” Valerie yelled as she climbed up the ladder. We have to share a room which was fun…..sometimes….. Valerie gets cranky in the mornings.

“It’s the first day of January!! I said.

“What’s so cool about January besides its a new year?!” Valerie asked, still half asleep.

“It’s almost our birthdays!!” I squealed.

“What a girly girly girl you are!” Valerie mumbled as she climbed down the ladder. “I’m going to get breakfast.”

“Me too.” I climbed down the ladder and walked behind Valerie.

When we walked into the kitchen we saw my mom putting away dishes.
“Good morning!” My mom said.

“Morning.” We both said.

“Where’s dad?” Valerie asked.

“He had to work.” Mom answered.

“What do we have to eat?” I asked.

“Umm… Cereal, you could make eggs and toast.” My mom answered.

“Do we have bacon?” Valerie asked.

“No, I’m going to the store to get some later.” My mom walked over to the pantry and opened it.

“We still have a little oatmeal left, but other than that I can’t help you.”

Ok, I’m going to make some eggs.” Valerie said grabbing the eggs out of the fridge.

“I’m going to have cereal,” I walked over to the pantry and grabbed some Frosted Flakes

Valerie, can you grab me the milk?”.

“Yeah, sure.” Valerie slid the milk across the table.

When I was finished I walked into the living room to see my little brother, Nehemiah watching tv.

“Morning Miah!” I said sitting down by him.

“Hi, you finally decided to wake up.” He said.

“I thought you where sleeping.” I said.

“Nope, is Valerie awake?” Nehemiah asked.

“Yeah, she’s making eg—” I stopped when I heard Valerie scream “HOLY COW!!!!!”

Miah and I ran to the kitchen. Valerie stood there holding her finger.

“Crap, crap, crap, crap, CRAP!!” She mumbled.


Valerie ran to the sink and stuck her hand under the water, she let out a long sigh.

Gosh Val! Do you wanna kill yourself? Miah teased.

It wasn’t that bad. Valerie mumbled, rolling her eyes.

We shouldn’t leave you alone with the stove anymore, I sighed it could have been worse.

Well, you where the one that left me alone in the kitchen! Valerie exclaimed.

You’re twelve now, your not 3! I said I thought you would know not to touch the stove of pan while it’s hot! I rolled my eyes and turned the stove off.

How did you burn yourself Val? Miah asked.

I was putting the pan in the sink…“.

And? I folded my arms.

“.…..and it was still hot… She said, grabbing the plate of eggs and setting it on the table.

And for your information! I am going to be 13 soon! Valerie picked at her eggs I won’t be a child anymore!

Yeah, yeah, and I’ll be 14.. I rolled my eyes the only thing I’m worried about Is having to share a birthday party with you.

Yeah, last year wasn’t fair.. Miah said.

Yup….very… I zoned out, thinking about the party.

It was January and Valerie and I could only invite 4 people each. I invited my friends and she invited hers. That night dad and Miah went out on a guys night. When everyone got there we had a pillow fight, Valerie and her friends against me and my friends. It was all fun until Valerie’s friend knocked over moms favorite lamp and it broke into tiny little pieces. Mom came downstairs to see what happened, she sent everyone home, even though my friends had nothing to do with it. Then Valerie and I where the ones to get in trouble! TALK ABOUT NOT FAIR!!

Amelia? Hello? Miah waved has hands in my face.

“Oh, yeah, uhhh.. I said.

What where you thinking about? Valerie asked as she put her plate in the sink.

Before I could answer Miah piped up don’t burn yourself again Val! 

Valerie stuck her tongue out as Miah laughed.

Haha, very funny. Now, what where you thinking about?! Valerie asked in an annoyed tone. Ok, ok. It’s not funny-

it really is! Miah whispered in my ear.

I nodded. anyways, I was thinking about last year, totally unfair. I said.

Yeah, it wasn’t my fault! Valerie said.

Ok, well I wasn’t a part of this so I’m leaving. Miah got up from the table.

Where are you going? I asked.

“Whats it matter to you? He rolled his eyes.

Maybe I want to come too. I said.

Yeah, me too,I’m bored out of my mind. Valerie piped up.

I was going to go for a walk. Miah said.

We all probably need the fresh air… I said but first we need to ask mom, she might already have plans.

We ran upstairs and went to mom’s room.

Mom? Valerie asked.

Yes? Mom came out from her closet.

Can we go for a walk? I asked.

Well…Aunt Destiny was going to come over with Harper and can go on a walk when they get here. Mom went back in her closet and go get dressed, they’ll be here soon!

“Ok, we all said.

Miah went in his room and Val and I went into our room.
I decided to change into a light gray t-shirt that says ALL IN with a heart around it and some Jean shorts. I brushed my long blonde hair and braided it. Valerie came out of the bathroom wearing a light blue tank top with white Jean shorts, her blonde hair was in two very curly pigtails.

It won’t flatten down!! She pouted.

Did you brush it? I asked.

I tried but the brush got stuck in my hair and when I took it out, It ripped some of my hair out, now my head hurts! Valerie rubbed her head.

Ouch, do you know where my light pink tennis shoes are? I asked half paying attention. I dug through all of Our shoes I can’t find them,“.

No, did you look downstairs, maybe you left them down there, Valerie replied now move! I need to get my flip flops!! She shoved me out of the closet.

Rude! I yelled as I walked out of our room.

Who’s rude? Miah asked as he came out of his room. He was wearing navy blue and gray t-shirt and jeans.

Valerie, she shoved me, I replied have you seen my tennis shoes?

There by the front door, Miah replied as he went to my room.

Thanks, I said as I started walking down the stairs you better knock, Valerie’s in a mood today.

Isn’t she always? Miah mumbled as he knocked, no pounded on the door.

VALERIE COME ON YOUR TAKING FOREVER!!!! He yelled between pounds.

I laughed as I ran down the stairs. I walked to the living room to see my shoes by the back door. I sat on the couch and slipped them on.
Valerie and Miah came down the stairs yelling at each other.

WHY DID YOU YELL AT ME!! Valerie yelled.


IT TAKES TIME FOR BEAUTY!!! Valerie yelled back. I started laughing.

What’s so funny?! Valerie huffed folding her arms.

N-nothing! I replied, still laughing.

Just then someone busted through the door.

MOVE PEASANTS THE QUEEN IS HERE!!! Harper yelled as she walked into the living room. I started laughing even harder, but this time Miah was laughing with me.

What’s wrong with them? Harper asked. Valerie shrugged. Liam, Harper’s brother then walked into the room.

Where’s mom? Harper asked him.

She’s upstairs with Aunt Hillary. Liam replied. Then he looked at Miah and I with a confused look.

Come on you hillbilly’s lets go! Valerie rolled her eyes.

Go where? Harper asked.

We where going to go on a walk, y’all wanna come? I asked after I calmed down.

Yeah! Harper jumped.

Sure, Liam said.

Wait I need my phone and air pods!! I yelled as I ran upstairs. I went into my room and grabbed my phone and air pods.

Bye mom! I yelled.

Hey what am I chopped liver?! Aunt Destiny asked.

No! I laughed as I ran and gave her a hug.

Where are you guys going? She asked.

We’re going on a walk! I said.

Have fun! Mom called.

Ok, I’m ready! I said as I got to the bottom of the stairs.

Ok let’s go, Miah said. I put my air pods in and started playing the station ‘The Messege’. It is my favorite worship station. Right now, the song ‘you say’ by Lauren Dangle was playing, it’s one of my favorite songs so I couldn’t help but start to sing it.

Ok, if you will stop singing we can leave, Valerie said. I took one of my air pods out.

Ok, sorry. I we walked out the door I put my air pod back in and I started to get lost in the music.