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Get to know Justine!

Coding Genius, World Traveler, and Awesome!

Justine_collageThe technical brains of their operation. Her big shot Silicon Valley mom taught her to code at the same time she taught her to read. She can code in her sleep and it frustrates her that girls don’t get enough attention for it. Justine and Juliette have always been BFFs and they’re a perfectly balanced pair – Juliette is out talking to the people and solving problems while Justine is creating the next awesome app. She’s super confident and direct – the kind of girl who when told that she’s pretty answers back “And smart,” instead of thank you.

Justine’s also super fun loving and has a knack for turning even things that seem mundane like coding, into a dance party. Justine’s from an uber driven home – her parents are both successful CEOs. She often struggles with trying to keep up with them and the pressures of living up to her family. They also travel a lot for work, which she makes the best of, by spending all her time at Juliette’s house.

Get to meet Justine this Spring in the new YouTube Red Original Series launches, “Hyperlinked.” Launch date TBD!

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