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Get to know Juliette!

Driven, smart, savvy & wise. 

Meet Juliette Brindak

The natural leader of the group.

If someone tells her she can’t do something, that just makes her want to do it more. She’s a caregiver by nature thus her wanting to start a site to help other girls. She has a love hate relationship with her little sister Olivia, but it’s mostly love. Who’s not annoyed with a little sibling sometimes?

Juliette is proud of the fact that she loves STEM – she thinks it’s cool and is always wanting to prove people wrong who think it’s for boys. She’s the business brains of the group – she’s probably on track to be a CEO at some point. But she’s also the heart – it’s her passion to help her sister and other girls that starts the site in the first place. She has to find a balance between her passion for building a website and  just being a good friend.

Juliette struggles with low self-esteem at time and thinks she’s fat and awkward. Not one would really know this about Juliette because those looking at her from the outside view her a being confident and comfortable with who she is.

Juliette admires her sister Miss O (Olivia) for being so confident. Just as Miss O looks up to Juliette, Juliette also looks up to her!

Get to meet Juliette this Spring in the new YouTube Red Original Series launches, “Hyperlinked.” Launch date TBD!

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