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    i need advice i like this boy and someone told me that when i told them to tell him he said you got me messed up but i don’t know for sure if he said that i don’t know what to do

    • Wait, he said, “You got me messed up”? Can you clarify what exactly that means?

      • Looks like a negative connotation!

        First, check if what he supposedly said was accurate. People tend to exaggerate things.

        If it’s true, please DO NOT lose faith! Still act friendly and joke around with him. He might regret his comment later on when he gets to know your personality. I’m sure you’re a beautiful person! 🙂

        But, if he still thinks negatively of you, then in the words of Beyonce, “Tell him, boy, bye.”

        Hope that helped!

        • thanks but i think im just going to ignore him and if he says something to me im going to say sorry i dont like jerks

      • that im ugly and he would never be seen with ugly girl like me